Oneism - source of the study and the name "Oneism"

"Oneism" est. 2003: on record only at is the name presented by Wayne Herschel author and prime witness of 'the city of light' in a Near Death Experience.

He believes he returned with 'a lot more than he left with'.

'ONEISM' : Sets its foundation with identification of The Creation as an all seeing all knowing all loving omnipotent light force at the centre of the universe as The Tree of Life. Secondly, it replaces the element of 'worship' of it with love, respect and honour for 'The Creation' and all it created, including as priority all humanity as one.

It is a study of the highest probability of all the common witness-based paranormal records as one. It is constantly updating with science, building towards truth of everything defining all measurable records of aspects of spirituality, the soul, the soul's origins, the paranormal and visitors not of this earth who tried to teach us about it.

"I present this website and my paranormal experience (below) with what I am certain became the highest probability against chance that my experience with the legendary Cosmic Tree of Life - is actually and most likely 'God' - The Creation: A living conscious eternal light source that created the stars, time, space, matter and life... in the ongoing Big Bang cyclic system."

"The Creation creates a torroidal radiating life force field throughout the universe. Our soul is a small part of it with the gift of individuality as life. The soul is eternal with reincarnation after ones soul 'habits' are judged after each life. The quality of the next life depends on what level of life one has earned. This is the natural universal life system. Benevolent harmonious souls with all Creation earn paradise. Cosmic-visitor teachers took the first earth colonisation humans to The Creation, to teach them about it."

"They (the cosmic teachers) said "we humans are created in their form and their likeness". This teaching became confused. We began to think we were made in God's likeness when we were being taught that we are of the visitors' form and likeness ... the 'Angels'! In essence, we are them, ALL race origins stem from their sacred bloodline from a star system in Taurus covered in my book:

The Hidden Records

Are we using our gift of life in the context of how

The Creation intended it?

This needs to be addressed!

"As we approach First Contact in 2027, from the 4km wide alien message I found at the ancient Atlantis site, we all need to know what is going down and prepare. Humanity also needs to know that The Creation connects with and lives strongly through enlightened souls.

Help me spread the word and join my quest at Patreon" - Wayne Herschel."

Oneism is a subsectional form of Deism-based spirituality system with all research and some commons found in religious important works merging as 'one' - the Cherubim and ancient accounts referred to The Creator as 'The One' - and because in essence all souls are connected to The Creation as 'one'.

Definition of consciousness...

The realisation of Oneism...
Wayne Herschel:

Note: the word 'God' is referenced for this living eternal Tree of light Creation nucleus that created all matter, life and 'spirit'

The 'I' that is me
is the 'I' that is 'you'!
The 'you' that is 'you'
is also the 'I' that is me!

The human soul is a small piece of God.
But that does NOT make us God or God-like.
All life is designed to experience
an intentional sense of individuality.
This is the gift of our life experience itself.
The gift of consciousness and free will is by design
However, the act of finding The Creation
and re-connection is the test of life itself.

The consciousness of others is probably also 'you'
but in another gift of life parallel in time.
The 'you' that is 'you' is not only 'I'
but the Creation living through you.

In this sense we are 'God' so to speak.

Yet never ever should we delude ourselves
into believing that we are 'God-like'.
We are only a micro part of the greatness of The One.

We are completely off track in our ways
and humanity should feel mortified
at how it is treating 'itself'.

The Creation is alive and well in of all of us.
The Creation feels the suffering of all who suffer.
The Creation will not let more suffering go on like it is.

If we continue to inflict more suffering to humanity then all will suffer.
To date 2015 ... there are 3 billion starving suffering people.
I was shown that this will not be allowed to continue
and that all life could potentially be annihilated in the blink of the eye.

That time could be near... but it CAN be averted.
Please spread the urgency of this message.
Click the image above to see the prophecy.

Oneism sources - Deism spirituality system referencing all 'as one':

A study of the 'Big Six' religions of the world
inadvertently reveal that virtually EVERY constructive
and uplifting teaching of each, fits into the basis of Oneism.

The 'Big Six' religion's followers in this order:

Christianity ...... 2,2 Billion
Islam ............... 1,6 Billion
Hinduism ......... 1,4 Billion
Buddhism ......... 500 Million
Sikhism ............ 30 Million
Judaism ........... 18 Million

Click here - Demographics showing the comparative following of all world religions

The earliest foundational texts of these six most followed religions, and the very ancient texts found in ancient Greece on Neoplatonism (the latter having almost completely been forgotten) all hold the most important pieces of spiritual truths before human hand began to alter them from generation to generation.

Our angelic bloodline origin ...
... The big Four religions shared secret ...

The big 4 religions appeared to have shared the very same ancient star map of our origins for their icons. Quite a claim, and it has a large webpage to explore it.

The origin of the cross of the churches as Orion is one of the icons which the author shows with 3000 year old hand symbols how to follow the three magi to locate the 'Bethlehem' star which seems to be the very same X marks the spot for all the big four religions. Mouse over the image for animation. Click the images to get the articles.

Oneism analysis of Good and Evil - Human Behaviour

Here is the clearest most simple yet powerful measurable way to determine good human ways from evil human ways virtually from our Creator's point of view in The Creator's place of Creation... in an environment surrounded by all that is natural and not man made. All that is good is measured with fifteen words! Within Nature is the place to measure good or evil human ways... test each human 'trait' in the natural environment referred to as 'The Eden Principle' (below). Click the image for the full analysis...

Finding The Cosmic Tree of Life

New evidence is proposed from my own paranormal experience, which I back with my own referenced measurable research providing new substantiation that The Creator of the universe is The Cosmic Tree of Life - The Tree of Knowledge - (Akashic Records) - 'The Cosmic Tree' - 'The Creation' - 'The One' - 'The home of all souls' - 'The Grand architect of the Universe' - Protected by the Cherubim in a biosphere with a garden called Eden - A nucleus of omnipotent conscious energy visible as light at the centre of the universe.

I set out here to reason this as 'God' by presenting a plethora of historical evidence with careful reasoning and logic proving my 'paranormal' experience.

There is a logical way in reasoning good from evil using an "Eden-like" Principle, interpreted in a "God created" environment seen below... click the image...

Oneism Definition:

'Oneism' is the name given to a new spirituality, its origins, and ability, focusing on the 'oneness' and sacrosanctity records of humanity. It is also studied within the parameters of science, and more in line with Noetic sciences. Also taking into account the statistical value of repeating world wide ancient records covering valuable unique details.

A unique NDE paranormal experience explored here identifies The Cosmic Tree of Life as The Creator of time, space, matter and the universe and therefore, the meaning of life itself. The discovery is referenced against all the holy books and history. Oneism establishes a scientifically and intellectually based new Deism spirituality system and unlike religion, it will be constantly reassessing and updating its content, working its way towards the truth. It introduces the means to ease the crisis of global suffering, create equality, improve human rights, and the 'Eden Principle' to reason good from evil.

The Quest for Proof :

Unlike religion, my paranormal experience seen here is presented with references in history standing as measurable probability that this knowledge was given to ALL ancient civilisations and many recent witnesses. More importantly, it also forms the basis of the teachings of ALL the great messengers and it is found in almost ALL religions.

Please see the youtube video below for a general introduction to the Oneism concept and its basics.

Wayne Herschel 'The author' and prime witness


What is about to be questioned here begins with an 'eye opening' account by myself Wayne Herschel, 'the author' of the controversial book 'The Hidden Records' where I believe I have experienced something extraordinary. I am absolutely convinced I have witnessed what can only be explained as the place of The Cosmic Tree of Life... the place of Creation at the centre of the universe.


The tone of my presentation on this website, as in the case of my book, will respect the sensitivities of religious readers, therefore usage of words such as 'it appears' or 'seems to be', 'it seems probable' and 'highly likely' will be used. The evidence explored here relies more on the repeating statistical value of recurrences of many strange events, and hence probability becomes measurable if occurrences are numerous.

Unlike religions, which tend to present everything as if written in stone and hence as if finite (since all religions compete with completely differing claims and they all claim that what is written has been done so with instruction directly from God), the tone of this website will be presented with a measure of probability. More definite assertions are introduced only from my own accounts, and those of the other witnesses.

My complete spiritual journey will be explored further and in greater detail in the section titled Secrets of the Soul

A unique experience - what happened?

My inspiration to find proof of the soul and our unique origins occurred as follows:

  • In a near death experience with an out of body experience I retured back to life with more than I left with

Full detail here

This website will also explore and compare the evidence provided by other people claiming to have been taken on this journey during their lifetime.

The journey I believe I experienced is the same journey that the soul takes in death, when our life here on Earth has been completed. Here is my account of my journey to the Cosmic Tree of Life... which I believe is our Creator... The Creation.

My story began with a paranormal event
that I believe gave me in a manner of speaking...
a chance to 'eat' of the fruits of all knowledge
from the mystical 'Cosmic Tree of Life'

A blinding light positioned at the centre of the universe...
... the force that created and sustains all life!

Since childhood, I had a very basic faith believing that God is light and it might be because I was here as a child and this I will one day learn. Belief in a physical man with a beard sitting in the clouds, creating a universe from nothing, did not ever really gel for me. It always made sense for me after learning about the Big Bang that God would have to be a pretty indestructible 'force' floating with nothing in the darkness and vacuum of space... then to survive the ultimate detonation imaginable!

Finding myself now at this unexplainably emotional place with a blinding light stretching out into the darkness of space; I knew this was 'home' and then felt ashamed how we as humanity are living our lives.

I believe I asked is there not a better way we can live in harmony with all created life and nurture our planet? The response was set in such a way that they showed two simple truths that could change everything. Kmowing our sacred star ancestor bloodline origins and our soul origins here would unite humanity to make the changes. The importance of this will be explored later.

I as a witness of such an important experience realised it crucial to put together every piece of the puzzle you see on this website.

On returning to my body as my pulse returned, I repeatedly kept reminding myself not to forget what happened. This was where my obsession began to search for evidence of what I had 'seen'. My first point of reference was what many ancient civilisations across the globe had left behind.

The layout plans of the pyramids in virtually all ancient civilisations were based on a blueprint plan revealing something no other author has ever recognised, a star map showing where our ancestors come from ref . The pyramids' inner chambers function with a spiritual purpose too, linking not only to the stars... but to The Cosmic Tree of Life ref .

This research has taken me 20 years to present as you see it here. The answers also came with a price: Secure them and make them available to all.

Strangely, the timing of the revelation I had experienced would coincide with the release of another author's book in 1994 whose findings would inadvertently provide the first key to unlocking a very important Egyptian secret message. This clue put me onto unravelling the first crucial aspect of the meaning of the pyramids which I published in my book 'The Hidden Records' in 2003. They all formed part of an expansive layout plan, with every pyramid emulating a star along the edge of the Milky Way in the night sky.

Why you might ask?

To place the ultimate star humanity originated from as the 'x' that marks the spot dead centre in the middle of the grand pyramid star map, in the form of their ultimate monument ref .

It was a star map template prevalent in virtually every pyramid civilisation.

'The Hidden Records' presents the first facet of the answer to my first question: Who are we and where we come from... physically ref .

Finally... the release here on this website offers the final pieces of the puzzle. endeavours to cover the most important aspects of the information I was inspired to present on the subjects of The Creation, the secret of our souls and the highly probable answers as to who we are and where we come from... spiritually.

Links to explore the question of the physical origins of humanity can be found here:

Who are we and where do we come from...


solar system

Our physical origins:

The Hidden Records

Our spiritual origins:

Continue reading below

This video covers proof of the ancient star maps...

Proving the Mars pyramid ruins and its message

Press releases: #1 . . . #2 . . . #3 . . . #4

Here is where my spiritual experience begins:

The Cosmic Tree of Life IS The Creation

I explain what I am 'seeing' in my paranormal experience, The Tree of Life, the ultimate emotional experience. To explain its grandeur is difficult. Here I try to add clarity: The 'branches' that form the Tree of Life appear to be 'plasma ribbons' that seem to travel in the same pattern formations as magnetic fields. (See purple, blue and green 'tree branch' and 'tree root' patterns in the image).

A plasma ribbon, a 'branch' or 'root' from the tree so to speak when forming along long distances, form what many refer to as a cosmic worm hole. It is the very same thing that the ancients described as a cosmic serpent. These cosmic serpents all flow in and out of what appears to be a vast biosphere protecting The Tree of Life.

For an example of plasma ribbons in science that resemble serpents, click the link here to see a video clip of a plasma ball. This is a glass ball filled with a specific gas where high voltage allows ions to flow through the gas.

This 'plasma' science is critically important in proving the ancient interpretations as well as my witnessing of The Cosmic Tree of Life biosphere. Being inside the great biosphere is like being inside a giant plasma ball! The ancients recreated plasma science in their interpretations precisely and it is beyond a coincidence and now very measurable today.

Note in the video how the streamers of plasma ribbons give the impression of little serpents trying to escape the ball. Also note the 'tree branch' effect where all the streamers radiate from a source.

Obviously this example is just science mimicking the appearance of The Tree of Life although not by the same particles by any means. The Cosmic Tree of Life biosphere containing breathable air as its 'plasma gas' so to speak most likely behaves in the same way. In place of the ions flowing in the model, no doubt one would expect what scientists predict as the living God particle to be present.

The Cosmic Tree of Life - The biosphere that protects it
(Images here I have re-created with greatest of care)

The re-enacted detail in the image above has been derived from the my own experience.

After death, the soul immediately enters a cosmic serpent as it leaves Earth. People who have had a 'near death' experience often have vivid memories of leaving their physical body and entering a tunnel going towards a bright light.

The first light that it sees is our star, the Sun.... possibly the doorway out of our solar system on the journey home to our Creator.

No wonder Sun worship by the ancients was such a big thing. They mistakenly misinterpreted the first gate on the way to The Creation... as God!

The soul seems to be able to traverse time and space through millions of stars and countless galaxies. It is drawn along this universal flow as if in a magnetic field.

The soul is 'taken in' by the Creation at the 'roots' of The Cosmic Tree. However, in situations where souls are travelling and visiting The Creation in spirit, or individuals are transported there by celestial ships, they have access through vast pearl gates, taking them into a beautiful garden-like forest with magnificent waterfalls.

I am convinced this has to be the Biblical 'Eden'.

The biosphere seems designed to accommodate physical visitation of living beings in all forms of space vehicles. All new arrivals as physical beings in celestial ships appear to 'dock' at a predestined gate, one of 12 brilliant 'pearly gates' made of a material that actually looks like pearl.

The awe-inspiring detail of Eden - The place of The Creation

After entering one of the magnificent gates of pearl into the biosphere, a walkway much like a moving 'viewing' escalator with glass-like edges transports the witness on a viewing excursion above the Eden paradise and its waterfalls within the biosphere.

Behold... a pyramid can be seen here!

The Egyptians were right... their celestial visitors were real!

The pyramid has a slightly reddish stone finish and if anything, it holds proof that the Egyptians knew of it, for they reproduced images of it in some of their burial tombs in the Valley of Kings. The pyramid has a carving of a human head on top of it closely resembling the same unique interpretation in ancient Egypt.

A serpent like plasma ribbon comes down from The Cosmic Tree and makes contact with me as it engulfs me.

The purpose of the pyramids was instantly elucidated by the Tree of Life:

  • Firstly, pyramids are designed to teach civilisations of their star origins by virtue of their layout plan that mimics the stars, as a star map.
  • Internally their chambers are functional as spiritual stargates to induce the soul out of a living initiate. This will allow the initiate's soul to have an out of body experience, so it can traverse the heavens as a star traveller and visit other worlds as well as The Tree of Life. The soul returns back to the initiate's body once again after its cosmic journey, and the initiate awakens.

(Later on I will reason with measurable proof why pyramids were never intended as tombs for the dead, but sacred places for the living).

Since the head on top of the pyramid found at the place of The Creation is a human head, could it mean that our ancestors helped build this place of paradise?

A face on top of a pyramid
A face reminiscent of the ultimate ancient monument
A face found at another place not of this Earth... on Mars

From our frame of reference here on Earth, one way the Eden pyramid 'face' can be interpreted is that it emulates either the typical Egyptian style headdress or the unique hairstyle interpretations found with Maya Sun entities worshipped incorrectly as 'gods'.

The feature that stands out in this artwork of a face is that it is an identical match to a colossal 4km long ruin of what appears to be carving of a human face, apparently built of what look like blocks... on Mars.

See: Mars pyramids and Face monument

It is of a human face after all, not that of a Cherubim. I was told, as supported in the biblical account of the Book of Revelation that The Cherubim built the biosphere and thereafter allowed our ancestors to be involved with it too?

The Cherubim - Small child-like entities of the earliest highly advanced civilisations to exist in the universe.

The water in Eden seems to be spiritually charged with the 'the God particle' from the Creation. In essence,'holy water' appears to be a combination of water with this exotic elementary atomic particle (see 'God particle'). On Earth the closest way to produce water like this is if one were to store it in a cave or pyramid of stone for a while or simply collect it from a spring flowing from a mountain where granite is common. Its usage - to drink it before deep meditation. The particle present is most likely the 'ether' of The Creation!

Human beings (as special witnesses in physical form) drinking the water here in Eden will most likely have their souls induced out of their bodies. Pyramids of stone appear to use this cosmic energy with granite chambers when built near flowing water or geological fault lines. Pyramids and temples with this high volume stone design are therefore 'holy' sacred places, a topic that will be further explored later.

The 'Face'... of God?

Although the face just seen is on a pyramid in what no doubt seems to be the original Biblical Eden, it is by no means the face of God, The Creation. My interpretation that follows, possibly fits the popular expression, 'face' of God. Firstly let us consider the traditional historical interpretation of God. Humanity has always believed throughout history that the human being is the ultimate being in the universe therefore our God would have to be of similar form. Men have also ruled the ancient world, so naturally God has to be a man... and in each civilisation of a specific race.

Putting tradition aside for a moment, what follows for many is probably the highlight of this website.

Literally speaking the 'light burst' source itself would be the 'face' of God... a spectacular LIVING conscious light burst of gold and rainbow colours reminiscent of a lotus flower.

The blinding pillar of light at the top of the sacred mountain forms the trunk of The Cosmic Tree. The pillar seems to flow upward like a fountain.

It is as if a 'living' flower with iridescent 'petals' is created... the 'flower of life' that so many ancient Eastern records speak of. To define this visual splendour even more accurately, I reason it to be a reaction between water vapour and light refracting, partly like a rainbow, partly like plasma!

If one could speak of a 'face' of God... then this is it!

The mountain could quite easily be seen by the ancients as a grand throne. I have found confirmation of this reasoning in the Enoch text extract that follows near the bottom of this page. There is deep understanding here... this stunning sight is without doubt the very source of life itself. The emotion is overwhelming! The light is so bright and golden.

It is like trying to look at the Sun!

The ultimate image of The Creation - The One!

The image surprisingly fits many ancient portrayals of The Creation. From the texts of most religions, from ancient records of earliest ancient civilisation's records... all of which describe important detail of God at the centre of the universe as...

God as One

God on a 'throne'

God seen as golden light

God seen as a pillar of light

God 'wearing' a radiating crown

God 'sitting' on top of a lotus flower

God filling the entire space of the universe

God as an indestructible force beyond matter

God in a fixed position processing a vast flow of souls

God made of omnipotent energy can create the Big Bang

God having many 'arms' 'branching' out inside the biosphere

God as a Cosmic Tree: Souls in at its roots - out at its branches

God being of such unique form to process all life in the universe

God on a tiered mountain 'throne' matching the sacred Enoch texts

God on a tiered mountain 'throne' matching the Egyptian hieroglyph

"The water of life shone like crystal, flows from the throne of God"

Revelation 22:1

"In the midst of it and on both sides of the mountain - The Tree of Life"

Revelation 22:2

All accounts now make sense and beautifully fit the awe inspiring image.

The image below is of the ultimate feminine deity of all ancient Egypt. She is Isis, and in this depiction she is associated as one representing 'ultimate status' - a headdress representing association with the throne of God. The symbol is also the hieroglyph denoting representation of 'The throne of God'. The interesting glyph shape similarity to the mountain side profile in Eden is no coincidence at all. Since the light of The Cosmic Tree of Life is so bright to look at, detail is difficult to interpret. The beautiful primary waterfall running down the mountain would appear to some ancient observers as a white shimmering 'robe of God' while sitting on his great mountain throne.

Isis was revered as a genesis deity in ancient Egypt - merely an advanced being who spoke of the beginnings of life to the primitive people that inherited Egypt (after losing the wonder of its advanced beginnings). She is most often depicted wearing a winged bird in gold on her head, but ontop of it as a status symbol in depictions - a headdress comprised of bull's horns with a Sun disc between the horns. (I propose that this represents the Sun-like star of human origins, in Taurus).

The Underworld of Eden

There is more... there is another hidden part of Eden. There is more beneath the mountain and its garden of paradise.

There is an 'upside down' world that exists beneath the garden paradise because the biosphere has its own artificially created gravity. It is referred to as 'the underworld' and it is made of what can be described as a combination of transparent gold glass with striking crystal structure. When in the underworld, everything will feel as though it is upright because of its artificial gravity. Here is where inner transparent crystal rooms of learning are housed. It paints a completely different picture to the traditional belief of the underworld in mythology as a place of darkness and evil. It is no doubt the spiritual underworld spoken of by the Maya and the Egyptians, the place of judgement before ones next incarnation of life.

The beginning of Eden

Here is a recreated image of what The Creation... The Cosmic Tree of Life would have looked like to the Cherubim initially when they first discovered it while travelling through deep space. That is, before they were able to build a protective biosphere or 'bind' its nucleus into a smaller area, forming the trunk of the Cosmic Tree so to speak, using many artificial 'rings'.

The building of the biosphere made it possible to protect the Cosmic Tree of Life, and hence The Creation from destructive visitors. Visitors who may be seeking knowledge they would use for destructive purposes. In the beginning, before being contained in a protective biosphere, The Tree of Life, the nucleus of the universe, would in all likelihood have been very widespread and not as bright.

The Cosmic Tree of life 'processing' millions of souls every split second of time, as it would have done aeons ago when it did not yet have a protective biosphere. Sending souls with similar habits to specific worlds: For those that are constructive ... to paradise... but for those that are not... to worlds of turmoil.

With the formation of a Biosphere around The Tree of Life, the Cherubim have been able to create a learning centre around it. Infused with boundless knowledge from The Creation, they have been able to 'amplify' and improve the blueprint constant for all life in the universe and for all beings in every star system. A special page on this remarkable detail is planned for the near future.

The Creation before the building of The Biosphere

The ultimate sight for any human being is without doubt the sight of the Cosmic Tree itself, however the ultimate experience has to be the very emotional interaction with our universal Creator, and it takes place beneath the mountain in a special glass room!

Merging and becoming 'one' with The Creation

The soul is induced out of the physical body as a being of light (see entities linking hands below). After lying down on an angled glass-like panel around the Cosmic Tree (shaded green for identification and comparison with other images in the historical records that follow) in this special room the soul assumes the perfect shape as a ball of light. It then follows down a plasma conduit and merges and becomes 'one' with The Creation.

Note how the artificially designed rings engineered by the Cherubim bind The Creation into a concentrated flowing pillar of light. When the Cherubim first found the Creation, presumably its base nucleus would have been very expansive and too large to build a protective biosphere around it.

A visit to The Cosmic Tree of Life
Two crystal domed rooms within the biosphere:

... In the one, the Teaching of the Phoenix hologram:
The creating and recreating cycle of life

... In the other, 'merging' with The Creation
and learning of the Platonic-like solids
of geometric patterns defining all form

See the matching sacred geometry discovery by A.Besant and C.W.Leadbeater

All sense of time is lost as the witness becomes one with the Cosmic Tree. Here the universe is seen from a Big Bang perspective, forming galaxies, stars and worlds as it expands outward like a grand fireworks display.

Suddenly you are travelling down a cosmic worm hole within a plasma ribbon, then ejected back into the room where a sense of time is regained. Souls that are here for the learning experience are confined within the room and able to fly around while interacting with ribbons of plasma from the Cosmic Tree.

Connecting with The Creation and with other visitors

Seen in the image above, are those who have been brought to The Creation to become part of this experience. They are linked to the Cosmic Tree via the plasma ribbons. They all suddenly 'feel' inspired by The Creation to touch hands and learn another amazing truth.

By touching hands this teaches us that:

What we are all made up of is 'a little piece' of God

There are other rooms of learning. They are glass-like. The one above the aforementioned one is a virtual reality hologram projection of a Phoenix. The bird forms from strangely sparkling ashes that look more like a firework display than fire.

I describe it as follows:

From the grey sparkling ashes...
a tiny little wiggling worm emerges...
It morphs into a small reptile-like creature...
It suddenly develops wings...
It is a beautiful colourful bird

The Phoenix emerging from the ashes seems to teach of the Genesis of life.

This is a legend found in different civilisations yet no doubt has the same sacred source. It is sourced from The Creation!

It is the teaching of the Genesis of life. Life created by evolution, but with a 'God given' blue print design code, where natural selection allows life to adapt itself to its environment and where everything that is created evolves from stardust!

From the grey dust... colours of blue and green appear which strongly suggest water and plants of a world being formed. A tiny worm emerges from the blue. This 'water' creature forms into a worm like creature, then ventures out onto the land as a reptile, but here is the reason why a bird is chosen for the teaching.

It brings in an element proving a design plan.

Natural selection does not explain the sudden adaptations, which make it possible for creatures to fly. Look closely at nature. Wings in insects too are biologically unique. A wing requires special muscles that have the potential for vibration, special biological membranes, not to mention special aerodynamics.

Are we supposed to believe, especially in the case of the little insect running around, that it should in fact be growing wings so it can fly? There is no evidence of fossil records showing that such a transition is natural selection at all.

This advanced morphing from a land dwelling creature to a flying creature suggests one thing and one thing only:

The existence of evolution within a careful design plan pre-determined by The Creation.

The whole hologram-like scenario ends as dramatically as it began. Suddenly it is destroyed by the sparkling ashes. Could this be suggestive of the ending of a world on a cosmic level, a world lapsing back into infinite grey star dust?

Again the entire process reverts to the small wriggly worm and so forth. Inexorably the whole process will take off again from where it ended, and unrelentingly it will adhere to the exact same pattern ... a predestined design plan.

Life and worlds will re-coalesce and start again in a set pattern:

The cycle of all life!

From time to time, random people from different countries of our world are brought to The Creation in their physical form as human beings to learn of The Creation.

The experience is for all cultures and religions, because The Creation teaches the importance of equality, something humanity as a whole has dismally failed to honour.

People who have been to the place of The Creation as a witness, tend to come back with a sense of urgency for humanity to change its destructive ways. This message will become a lot clearer once all the other witnesses' accounts have been explored on this website.

What is evident from all who have been there is that we are not ready to know about or interact directly with other worlds or other advanced beings until our human race becomes more constructive and peaceful.

Souls that have been to the place of The Creation will have been able to interact with the plasma ribbons (that look like serpents) and make contact with each witness, while being asked if they realise the full importance of their trip there.

The Cosmic Tree telepathically 'asks' all the witnesses the same pertinent question at the end of their experience. I recall what I can only describe as The Cosmic Tree expressing through communication without words, a question. One is suddenly aware of a vibrant outside telepathic thought without word, suddenly being inside your mind, expressing with a strange loving resonating emotion, a question something along these lines: 'You have seen and heard... Do you understand?'

I am certain that I answered with a conclusive emotional yes, and what I am even more certain of is that I did not want the experience to end.

As far as I am concerned, I have pledged - as my life quest and with a sense of responsibility to humanity and honour to Creation - to secure and share this all important truth with all who seek it.

The wonder of the human soul

In exactly the same way that we perceive our human form, the soul feels the need to recreate its habitual body shape as a 'being of light' when outside its physical flesh body.

The soul appears to be made up of two parts and this will be explored under 'Secrets of the Soul'. From my understanding of what I have seen, we as human beings are only living half the potential of our gift of life.

There is another side to the gift of the soul that is almost extinct.

This is the astral body. (see below)

From what I have learnt, in all probability, an awareness of this will emerge and be explored scientifically only after 2015.

The ability of the astral body of the full consciousness of the mind... the soul, to traverse time and space, and hence to explore other star systems and visit the Creation, is overwhelming.

The Creation however will only let in souls identified as gentle, harmless and nurturing.

Those whose habits are of a destructive nature will be denied access, even as an astral body. Only in death will we enter the biosphere. Like all souls, from the 'roots' into the underworld in a merging with The Tree of Life as a natural event where the soul is judged, as it carries a book of life so to speak. All ones memories of actions are readable by the Creation.

The image below shows how the human body is joined to its consciousness in an out-of-body experience, while the body is still alive but in deep trance. Its soul, the astral body (blue outer glow) is outside the physical vehicle, the body. Note that the two are joined with a tiny plasma ribbon, referred to as 'silver cord' in the image.

When reasoned through, it would appear that the soul is the thinking existence and consciousness that we refer to as the 'I' that is oneself - a small piece of The Creation. The brain is merely the organ where the soul translates its thoughts of movement into the physical body and where it interacts with the brain's capacity as a direct access memory system. Although the astral body contains every single memory of the subconscious, if the brain is not exercised with knowledge and learning it will become weak and not be able to interact efficiently with the paranormal realm of our gift of life.

Through time we have lost touch with these gifts, or this secret may even have deliberately been kept from us by controlling hierarchical societies across time.

For this gift of astral travel to be revived in an elderly person is very unlikely. For a child, learning of the wonders of the soul early in life, it can slowly and carefully work its way up to this wonder.

Most people stand the chance of developing their consciousness to a heightened level where the experience of divine intuition and visions sourced from the Creation will guide them, especially if their goals, intentions and outlook are constructive.

It is likely that what we each feel as consciousness is a small piece of the life force of The Creation itself. The Creation most likely allows us to experience life with a sense of individuality as 'oneself' i.e. self-consciousness, but in essence our spiritual self is a small 'piece of God'.

If we are to have a greater understanding of our existence here on Earth, then the reasoning of this long lost knowledge has to be at the forefront.

There is more on my experience with The Creation in Secrets of the Soul link.

It was this experience that would prompt me to search for evidence of humanity already having been given information on the Tree of Life - evidence that had become lost and misconstrued over time.

In the research that follows, I will compare my experience of The Cosmic Tree of Life with substantial evidence of it throughout history. Then it will be compared with the experience of other modern day witnesses, some of whom have already published their bewildering experience, without them realising, nor their readers realising the supreme importance thereof.

A spiritual I experienced

Here is some of the awe inspiring detail of my experience of what occurs in either a near death experience or in death itself. Imagine that your moment of death has arrived. This journey that follows is what one can expect as the soul leaves the body:

The soul travels through tunnels of light - cosmic worm holes from star to star - then galaxy to galaxy - before reaching the 'nucleus' of the universe, The Tree of Life.

The universe is an illusion... all matter is completely hollow... tiny little vibrating force fields creating the illusion of weight, colour and solidity.

If this is indeed so and as shocking as this may sound: Souls - by virtue of being indestructible - in all likelihood can pass right through a star as though it were a door of light!

The universe in its entirety is 'nothingness'.

It can be compressed and fit on to a pin point!

Coincidently the film, 'The Matrix', presents the illusion of matter very close to reality. However, in place of a sinister force in control of all life, imagine that there is one that is pure and omnipotent, one that has designed everything carefully for a special purpose... for the gift of life.

(To stop video - move slider to right)

The video here reveals physicist George Smoot's recent research on the pattern of galaxies in our region of the universe and more. Many do not realise how vast our galaxy is, having billions of stars within it. You will in this video get a feeling how big the universe really is. Here is where one can reason and comprehend the vastness of billions of galaxies in just our area of the universe. Try and imagine how important this is when questioning if we are alone in the universe. This area of space would by scientific probability include billions of Sun-like stars where there would at the very least be a million or so Earth size planets in orbit with water as liquid. Why is this important you might ask? As Einstine once commented, God does not throw dice and Surely God did not just waste all that space and energy in the universe, just for us little humans to look up at in the night sky. The images are in 3D and show the 'soap bubble' residual formation pattern of galaxies and not too long, with the new Herschel-Planck telescope we will soon see more of it with greater detail.

Was my experience
the same as
the extraordinary historical records
that follow?

Look carefully for the matching features that follow which are found across the globe and compare it to my experience (above)...

Historical evidence of the Ydrryksil - Cosmic Tree of Life

The most imposing historical account of The Tree of Life can be found in Norse Mythology. The age-old Ydrryksil of Norway with its spectacular imagery, although simplified and romanticized, depicts what closely resembles the biosphere as I remember.

It has an underworld; there is what is referred to as The Cosmic Tree of Life at the top of a mountain, emanating from the Tree of Life are more branches perhaps resembling the rap-around a plasma ribbon effect down the inside of the biosphere.

Emerging from the great door is the glowing rainbow path leading around the beautiful garden replete with rivers and waterfalls.

There is the serpent-like ring around the tree, although mysteriously 'swimming' in the water.

The Eden 'island' is surrounded by water.

A Tree of Life is very clear, spreading its roots out to many paths of entry for souls from everywhere in the universe.

Last but not least, serpent-like streamers also at the roots of the trees, meeting the paths of souls returning 'home'.

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Historical evidence of the Asgard - Cosmic Tree of Life

Because of their close proximity to Norway, the Asgard people of ancient Iceland in all likelihood had similar beginnings to the Nordic people and perhaps sourced their history from the same ancient records of The Tree of Life. However, the Icelandic Tree of Life has more information to offer.

A phoenix is seen perched on top of the tree.

Animals are interspersed among its leaves, and most importantly a serpent is coiled around its trunk. Animals have souls too, albeit it at a lower level of consciousness and not as advanced.

Compared to the Nordic rendition, the latter offers a far more accurate interpretation by acknowledging the many rings around the Cosmic Tree that bind it to The Creation.

The two people on 'land' either side, by virtue of the imagery, seem to represent good and evil. One wanting to burn or destroy the Cosmic Tree perhaps in blame for being judged as not worthy of paradise, the other wishing to nurture it in honour of life.

One could even say that they could be indicative of the two different worlds they belong to standing on this land. One world on the right representing a world that is constructive, the other representing a world that is destructive.

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Proposed Interpretation of Shiva - Cosmic Tree of Life

Many accounts in Eastern religion show multi-armed deities perched on top of a pillar. Shiva is the prime example and is considered the supreme God in 'Shaiva' Hinduism. This ultimate deity no doubt fits the status as the one who created all things. Without intending to cause discomfort to those of the Hindu faith, could it be that this multi-armed being on top of a pillar with a serpent around it, is but another interpretation of The Tree of life?

In the image below, the theme is very similar to that found in the ancient Egyptian murals that follow. In Egyptian history the 'pillar of light' is also interpreted with the human form. In the Eastern image below good on the left is struggling against evil on the right as if portraying an ongoing universal truth: The struggle of good against evil, and more specifically here at the place of The Creation, as if trying to get access to The Tree of Life, or trying to manipulate the creation of the universe itself.

I believe the destructive entities would have felt great anger when the time came for the 'good deities' to build the biosphere for The Creation that would keep them out. The angered ones, by virtue of their knowledge that they too carry a piece of The Creation as their consciousness, would have resented this exclusion. Is it possible that this anger has brought about entities that will try to get their revenge on the universe?

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Historical evidence - The Maya Cosmic Tree of Life

The ancient Maya civilisation of North America has its own evidence of The Cosmic Tree of Life.

There is no known connection of the earliest Maya with Iceland or Norway especially due to the great distance across the ocean between them. Yet they both had similar knowledge of the place of The Creation in their earliest records.

Is this not evidence of celestial beings visiting all civilisations with the purpose of teaching us and guiding us?

Before the Maya became a sadistic murdering civilisation offering human beings in sacrifice, their beginnings may have been far more peaceful: An organised and successful society that thrived on building pyramids.

The Mayan image reproduced here from several ancient accounts portrays the sacred bird of heaven, as well as the biosphere and plasma ribbons like cosmic serpents that have already been seen in other depictions. However, they are encoded here as 'monsters' or 'Demons', as is the case in some early Hebrew accounts.

I believe I have decoded this strange 'demonic' encryption in the texts of the Solomon Key . These seem to have been a way for society's elite to prevent the common people from knowing the real truth and secrets of enlightenment. Those in the know had the power to put to death those found delving in 'demonism' or witchcraft.

The 'monsters' are depicted blending into the biosphere canopy therefore seem to be another interpretation of an extension of The Cosmic Tree as a form of cosmic serpent.

More importantly there is a serpent with two heads hanging from the Tree of Life itself!

In the image above, many round fruit as souls are visible on the ends of the three Cosmic Tree branches.

The sacred mountain is depicted in the Maya way of a 'perfect' mountain... a pyramid. The square shape perhaps also inspired from the 'underworld' building of golden glass that I recall, was previously named 'The Underworld'.

How could such a remote civilisation have matched the detail found in other far off civilisations that were literally worlds apart, virtually identically?

It is the Mayan vase seen below that will give greater credence to the idea of a cosmic serpent, because with it comes an important new breakthrough.

Mayan vase Cosmic Tree of Life breakthrough

Invaluable knowledge is contained on this ancient artefact that now forms part of a private collection, the owner of which is trying to be located. The vase has only been discussed by scholars to the extent of its value as a representation of the sacred 'World' Tree that reaches the heavens... most likely a confused interpretation of a Cosmic Tree.

Compare this image with the Inca stone carving that follows. See the more detailed enhanced image below. Note how the cosmic serpent envelopes what are ostensibly two Mayan witnesses on either side of it.

The detail of the plasma ribbons is absolutely breathtaking. Look closely at the person on the right and what he is holding. Could this be evidence of some sort of advanced piece of equipment measuring the plasma ribbons?

Some plasma properties in the image below resemble solar flares. In tune with what the Egyptians believed, the same scenario is also being shown here. Namely, that the soul or a plasma ribbon of The Creation can enter or exit through the open mouth. The Egyptians had a ritual they called the opening the mouth ceremony, which would allow the soul of a dead person to pass. The vase depicts the coils around the Cosmic Tree as both serpent coils and rings.

The Mayan witness to the right appears to be flying, lifted off the ground by the plasma ribbon. He appears to be wearing a body suit, which is not at all historically accurate when it comes to Mayan attire. Either way, the insignia of the Ankh, the Egyptians' symbol for life, does not appear to be a coincidence.

Just like the Egyptians, the Maya believed that there were two parts to the human soul and each had its own glyph, which translates as follows:

'The white flower breath' - Perhaps the body veil, which arrives at birth with the first breath we take, and which departs once again at death.

'The spirit way' - Perhaps the astral body that finds its way in the heavens.

The records of the Maya speak of their pyramids having been built at pre-selected sacred locations where they can re-create the place of The Creation.

They built them above subterranean rivers and held spiritual ceremonies where the initiate would literally go into the underworld in trance from a chamber inside the pyramid. In later years, chambers and rough subterranean caves found beneath natural hills would suggest that these were in all likelihood also used for these ceremonies celebrating their ancestors' visit to The Tree of Life. Both mountains and pyramids have the same sacred energy for a greater 'connection' to The Creation.


Historical evidence - Aztec Cosmic Tree of Life

The Aztec empire is the last culture that followed after the great Maya in Mexico. It was a culture that sadly in time became more recognised for their barbaric human sacrifices than their great Mayan cultural beginnings. They were the inhabitants of the largest pyramid city of Teotihuacan that I have recognised obsessed in the Pleiades stars in the night sky. There is one room that displayed its old ways and sacred knowledge of The Tree of Life with souls travelling through cosmic serpents and the greatness of the sacred bird at the top of it.

In the image below note the enlarged insert (top left) with a soul floating and being connected by ether to the cosmic serpent entwining from star to star in the heavens. The insert enlarged to the right is of one sacred bird and there are many of them at the top of the cosmic Tree. The representation of the Phoenix is quite probable here although it presents more than one sacred bird. All the other birds have serpents in their beaks. It seems possible that these birds are partly representing the same great bird with a serpent in its beak as depicted in their traditional belief of their genesis.

The interesting thing here is the Cosmic Tree is interpreted partly as a conscious human-like Deity like the early Egyptian, Indian and European civilizations. Here the deity is offering flowing water from both arms as per the waters flowing down from the mountain in Eden. There are two Aztecs on either side in typical Tree of Life teachings to all ancient civilisations. They are 'pulling' on the cosmic serpents/portions of the Tree of Life as if to depict either human desire to interact with the Cosmic Tree or to depict the battle of good and evil struggling for control/protection of it.

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Historical evidence - Inca Cosmic Tree of Life

The Inca Empire in Cuzco, Peru, is most likely the place of this ancient civilisation's human beginnings in the continent of South America. it is a different landmass to the Maya which of North America... the Egyptian of Africa and the Norse and European cultures of Europe. What has to be asked is how did all these landmasses so far apart know such unique detail of the Tree of Life?

The image seen here was reconstructed from a sketch produced by a German researcher Segun Gebhart-Sayer, perhaps sourced from an ancient mural or an elderly Inca shaman. The researcher is currently being tracked down in order to clarify more of the valuable detail.

This researcher's papers are on line through university archive links.

It is interesting to see how the ancient Inca speak of the Tree of Life and it becomes clear why they have interpreted it as they did. They appear to have partly confused the secret of the stars with the place of The Creation. The Inca's interpretation of the top of the biosphere as the firmament has probably been confused with sacred knowledge of their biological star origin secret.

The same seems to have happened with The Christ.

There is interpretation here of a 'Sky Jaguar'. in my research that has already involved the research of the Inca Cosmic Puma (Sky Jaguar), from which I deduced a breaking piece of evidence that led to the deciphering of the massive Puma built on the ground in Cuzco.

Note the Sun disc inside a boat, like the Egyptians portray the Sun, perhaps in dual representation here also representing the disc that flies and that shines like the Sun... the flying disc of the angelic beings they mistakenly worshipped as 'gods'. The Sumerian evidence shows the same flying disc at the top of the Cosmic Tree.

The 'House of God' illustration here most likely teaches the ancients that this sacred dwelling is something 'within' the Cosmic Tree itself and the apparent great biosphere and as gathered in other ancient depictions since it also includes the SEAT of God interpretation with it seems to speak of the importance of the great 'Throne' seen in all the prime references.

The waterfall seen in other ancient depictions is interpreted by the Inca as the source of their Amazon River. It is in the place described as a beautiful land with rivers.

The roots of the Cosmic Tree are described as resembling light and also attach to the Cosmic Serpent. This sheds more evidence in interpreting the teaching mechanism of this enlarged encircling 'light' Serpent plasma energy as a ring around the Cosmic Tree. What is more, it is a match with the Ydrryksil Tree of Life of Norse mythology seen above. The same house imagery is also seen in the Borneo case, which follows.

Souls are also described as being processed and going out again into the cosmos.

Finally, recognition of an underworld is also acknowledged. How is it possible so many mysterious ancient cultures all worshipped the same celestial visitors who appear to have taught of this amazing place... of The Creation! The only acceptable answer here is that the star visitors... our biological ancestors... visited a lot of different ancient civilisations in an effort to guide us away from our destructive ways. But what did all of our ancient civilisations do?... they worshiped the messengers and kept the sacred teachings only for their elite!

The carved stone seen above is one of many mysterious carved stones in Peru sourced from a collection looked after by a Dr. Javier Cabrera (ref below) showing flying beings, Nasca lines and other imagery that has been described by scholars as being too farfetched to be real and authentic. These artefacts appear to hold lost knowledge and perhaps they are not fakes.

This example here is an exact match with the Mayan vase seen in the Maya story above and perhaps a way for the ancient returning star visitors to teach primitive cultures about the Tree of Life with simple yet strange symbolism in their visit after the great cataclysm that reduced humanity back to its old ways.

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Historical evidence - The Davenport Stele Cosmic Tree of Life:

In the American state of Iowa, this controversial artefact was produced by the American Indians who once lived there and built great mound-like pyramids. Many scholars have tried to dismiss this particular artefact's historic value. If there is conspiracy behind this artefact, what should be asked is: Why? And who would want the evidence to remain hidden?

Slightly more emphasis has been added to the detail in the sketch above for a better comparison with my image below.

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The Davenport stele seems to recreate the Cosmic Tree true to the fine detail of the pillar of light with rings around it. There is also evidence of faceless beings of light performing the same linking of hands around the tree as at the place of The Creation.

Some beings are lying down. Again this forms part of the teaching experience where the incumbent lies down on a panel and is transformed into a sphere before merging with the Cosmic Tree.

As is the case in other ancient civilisations, this ancient civilisation's Tree of Life also inspired the celebration of the may pole.

A complete account of what is taking place in the image above will follow further on.


Historical evidence: Egypt - Cosmic Tree of Life

The beginnings of ancient Egypt suggest a peaceful civilisation in harmony with all life and nature according to the precepts of its earliest religion involving the deity Osiris. Records of the pyramid builders' graves discovered more recently show that in all probability they were not slaves.

Ancient Egypt has numerous accounts of a sacred underworld. Scholars can be forgiven if they are oblivious to this being a reference to the underworld of The Tree of Life Biosphere. What academics also do not realise is the significance of references in the Book of the Dead, which also should include those travelling outside of their bodies, soon to return as 'the living' and speak of their experiences.

For example, such allusions can be found in the oldest recorded Egyptian texts. They have been carved into the chamber of the Unas pyramid at Saqqara. These glyphs explain the King's journey through the cosmos, passing stars and visiting the underworld and its gate keepers. It very 'annoyingly' repeats no less than 23 times that: "The King is not dead, he is alive".

The story ends with a phrase along the lines: 'Dance great king... rejoice... tell us of your great journey.' Are they asking him to 'dance' i.e. exercise his body because he has been deep in trance for many hours?

Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmosis III is among several key Egyptian figures whose tomb inscriptions bare testimony to ancient knowledge of the place of The Creation and the underworld, which they called the 'Duat'.

The image above depicts the place of The Creation as the place of the Amuat (Duat). In some instances of similar portrayals, a bird is depicted as sitting on top of the place of The Creation in duality (showing both sides of it as sacred, just like the image of the cosmic egg landing of Ra on the back of the Sphinx depiction that follows, where the red pyramid is depicted).

The Cosmic Tree is seen as a conscious human-like being just as in the Eastern tradition of 'Shiva' and more importantly, as a conscious pillar with rings around it.

The underworld shows the bird head of Horus (perhaps inspired by the Phoenix) upside down radiating the life force field outward from the underworld, as per underworld renditions of my frame of reference.

Exceptional evidence can be seen here of how the life force connects stars with many suns that are shown as red orbs. This evidence that the ancient Egyptians had extensive knowledge of many Sun-like stars has not been recognised previously.

Stars like our Sun would more than likely be designed for worlds that sustain life!

The Egyptian Amduat - Cosmic Tree of Life detail

The tombs of the pharaohs, especially the one of Ramses IV, hold more records of the place of The Creation, The Tree of Life. Note how The Creation is presented similar to how it is in Hinduism (shaded orange in image below), as human form. The cosmic serpent (plasma ribbon) is also present.

The star secret physical origin of humanity also seems to have been blended into the interpretation. Here it is combined with the soul's secret origin. The three stars in a row show the way to a Sun-like star with another three stars in a triangle associated with it. See the Solomon Key .

Ra is the advanced being in the celestial boat in the water (ram head mask shaded blue) around The Creation. Two beings interact on either side of the angled platform with people. Note the detail in the yellow circle.

The yellow circle identifies a soul leaving its body
while being connected with a glistening plasma cord

Above, compare the angled platform (shaded green) with the similar theme coloured panels seen in my image (earlier) of the room where the soul merges with The Cosmic Tree.

The detail in the image below is of paramount importance. The Egyptians once again correctly interpret The Creation as conscious life. Their symbolism depicts The Creation as consciously 'human' (the being with tall headdress and yellow glow). They depict The Creation wearing the headdress of Osiris to symbolize that Osiris was also the son of those that came from above (like The Christ) in this epoch and that he was 'one' with the Creation. It seems arms and legs are not visible to emphasise The Creation as a pillar, or something far more important.

The Creation is shown surrounded by serpent coils

In the image above, the Creation is depicted as a pillar of human form bound with serpent coils. The ancient Egyptian 'Book of the Dead' describes the place that Osiris visited as follows:

"He is lord of the Amduat, dwelling in a palace whose walls are living cobras."

Note the presence of the Cherubim as the symbol of the Ankh (in blue glow).

The Cosmic Serpent - The soul's means of travel

The image below from a tomb inscription depicts the beautiful ancient Egyptian knowledge of a soul riding a plasma ribbon, a 'branch' from The Tree of Life of Creation, a Cosmic Serpent. In its journey it passes many stars before it reaches the biosphere of the 'underworld'.

I interpret the red orb positioned on top of the star traveller's head as one from a star system, like our Sun, the star of Ra. It is a crown so to speak identifying those who originate from a Sun-like star of our ancestors.

Red pyramid with human head - Celestial ship landing

In the image below, common to important kings' tombs and referred to as the fifth hour of the Amduat, a pyramid (shaded red) with a head at its apex is shown.

What can be seen here is a breakthrough matching my image of a face on a pyramid seen in my experience.

The detail also confirms another recent discovery I had made as to where the celestial ship of the Cherubim deities who were incorrectly worshiped as 'gods' once landed. Ra is seen inside an oval vehicle that traverses space on the back of a cosmic serpent.

The celestial disc ship therefore landed on the Sphinx's flat back as shown here!

To me, the sequence portrayed here would suggest that this is the place of departure and arrival of the celestial ship. A journey between Earth from the back of the Sphinx, to The place of The Creation.

See more detail of the first celestial ship landing in Egypt on top of the Sphinx

Academics believe this mysterious rendition of a pyramid with a human head found inside a Pharaoh's tomb to be evidence of a 'lost' Egyptian pyramid. The text speaks of it as being in the Amduat. If anything, this tells us that it exists in the Garden of Eden, at the place of The Creation.

Also in tune with Eden, this Egyptian mural clearly shows the walkway around the pyramid as I had witnessed around the pyramid in the vicinity of The Tree of Life.


Sumerian Cosmic Tree of Life

The people of ancient Sumer in the Persian Gulf that is now Iraq had their own rendition of the Tree of Life.

Note the beings on each side of the Cosmic Tree of Creation. The two beings on either side bare a strong resemblance to the Egyptian bird headed deities that were explored in my book, 'The Hidden Records'. These deities were supposedly advanced beings, wearing helmets resembling a bird's head.

In this image like many others, there is a dual meaning to the bird portrayed at the top of the tree. The winged flying disc imagery with an occupant aboard is along the same style as that of the Egyptians, simply teaching of a disc that flies. Visible inside it is its 'god'-like occupant.

I believe that in all probability the bird is synonymous with the flying craft of entities incorrectly worshipped as 'gods'. And that this would suggest that the Tree of life is watched over by very advanced deities with the technology of flight. However, since this imagery is placed above the Cosmic Tree, there are hints that it may represent the teaching of the sacred bird, the Phoenix.

Closer inspection also reveals that the cosmic tree has coils binding it together.

A special ornamental pillar on its own, adorned with coils, was an important artefact to the Sumerians. In his book, 'The Twelfth Planet', Zecharia Sitchin compares the advanced looking detail of this 'pillar' with an antennae device. On further investigation, Sitchin found evidence of this simple pillar in the form of a statue to be a common feature in the vicinity of most Sumerian dwellings.

More here


Persian Cosmic Tree of Life

Staying with Eastern evidence, a medieval Persian painting sourced from the National Library in Paris - Research by Wm. R. Fix of the 'Order of the Seven Spheres' - shows a sacred tree at its centre surrounded by deities.

The theme of a ladder is apparent. According to scholars it represents a ladder leading down to Earthly existence. Notice how similar this is to the Cosmic Tree of Life of the people of Borneo that follows below. Some interpretations of this imagery suggest that what is being portrayed, are seven heavens.

Many ancient Persian scroll seals depict seven orbs in the sky and scholars have commented that they represent the Pleiades (Egyptian museum). Another possibility here is because they are merely the top portions of the spheres showing only the upper half, is it also probable that they are associating the seven stars of the Pleiades with inhabitable worlds there, one in front of the other?

Perhaps they would be arranged in order of greatness and reachable through reincarnation? Each world would be better than the next, attainable only as one proves worthiness during each lifetime.

Any evidence of the history of the Persian Tree of Life is hard to locate. Their tree seems to be linked to two other ancient beliefs. That of Mithras and most likely worship of Taurus (the cosmic bull that I had identified as being linked to humanity's origins) - and of Zoroastrianism.

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Borneo - Cosmic Tree of Life

Moving even further East, to the Indonesian island of Borneo, there is also support for what appears to be the Cosmic Tree of Life. Evidence of this was found by 'Star Maps' author Wm. R. Fix in the Or-Danom tribe of the Dayak people, in the form of a bamboo decoration.

The Cosmic Tree seems to pass through the centre of what appears to be a dwelling. Also note the ladder, and the people and creatures connected to the branches of the tree.

A cosmic serpent is present at the base of the tree where souls enter for judgement.

There is a Phoenix on top of The Tree of Life, and the 'trunk' has a ring around it just beneath the bird. The souls of many creatures are seen in the tree, as are human souls and highlighted in turquoise are what appear to be the glass panels seen in my image. What also appears to be shown are 'soul conduits' for the soul to roll down to merge with The Creation. The 'witnesses' seem to be touching these. The human beings all appear to have their arms outstretched, as if rejoicing or interacting.

Would you like to know more?

France - Fleur de lis - Cosmic Tree of Life

The symbol of the divine light can be traced back to emblems and coats of arms of spiritual importance throughout French history. This divine light was called the Fleur de Lis. It has been interpreted as being a cosmic force field resembling the sacred lotus flower and it may have Egyptian and Hebrew origins. It is synonymous to the force field pattern of a magnetic field.

Compare the flower image and magnetic field pattern with my earlier images of the base of The Cosmic Tree from my experience.

A similarity with the Buddhism's sacred lotus can be identified here, where the light at the base of The Tree of life looks like a beautiful coloured lotus flower as it bursts out from the top of the sacred mountain in the Biosphere.

The Fleur de Lis has a central pillar of light bound by two rings.

The simple yet effective motif has resulted in this emblem being emulated in many modern contexts, finding its way into modern fabric design quite prominently.

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The Caduceus - Cosmic Tree of Life

The Caduceus from Greek Mythology is found in a large cross section of seemingly unrelated ancient civilisations. This is astounding in itself when one considers that critical to the reality of all these civilisations was one unique image... that of the serpent.

The Greeks interpret the caduceus as being the wand of mercury, their mythical god, or messiah of ancient Greece. The Caduceus is probably a title insignia so to speak, showing that this messenger is one speaking of truth from The Creation.

A central axis surrounded by four coils of 'serpents' is connected in some way to a disc with wings. The winged disc is most likely a re-enactment of the flying wheels or celestial discs of the angelic visitors to both ancient Egypt and Sumer. One thing becomes clear, that the 'serpents' coiled around the pillar with four coils are reminiscent of none other than another already familiar piece of Egyptian iconography. The Egyptian Djed column, the artefact for The Tree of Life itself, and as a hieroglyph translated as that which gives life.

No less than six instances of evidence of this precious symbol can be found when delving into the archives of ancient civilisations: In Mesopotamia, five thousand years ago. In Ancient Rome it was used as a symbol of equilibrium. In Ancient Greece as already mentioned. In ancient Egypt this emblem was adapted and was interpreted by the legendary Thoth as representing the powers of the four elements of creation: Earth, fire, wind and water, and the healing powers thereof. In ancient India it is inscribed on gravestones.

In more recent times, the Caduceus emblem has become accepted as the worldwide medical emblem for healing and medicine.

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Lapland - Cosmic Tree of Life

The Cosmic Tree imagery once again becomes apparent when examining a Lapland shaman's interpretation of the place of the Creator.

A central pillar 'reaches upward towards' a deity, presumably the Creator, holding branch-like items suggestive of The Cosmic Tree imagery (possibly representing the branch effect which is becoming increasingly evident in so many accounts). The 'holiness' is emphasised here where beings that have the greatest haloes are more holy.

The largest halo is that of The Creation like Shiva on top of the pillar itself.

There is one ring around the pillar.

Animal spirits are included here.

There is a ladder analogy again to the Earth.

The Biblical Genesis text - The Cosmic Tree of Life

Genesis 3:1-6:

In the biblical Genesis account of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, a serpent was described as being coiled around the Tree of Life.

Genesis 2-17: I isolate this text as instrumental to this reasoning, as to why I believe Adam and Eve were forbidden to approach the Tree of Life. The question one should ask is: Was it the Creation or the Angels who issued this command?

When people that are not of the gentle nature of 'the lamb' are given access to precious knowledge, it is human weakness to be tempted to use such knowledge for destructive purposes. The Creation most likely places this responsibility with our advanced human ancestors who come from a star system with paradisiacal worlds - a people of constructive harmonious nature. These are most certainly the advanced beings in the biblical texts that have been referred to as 'angels'. They would probably be the ones to decide who in Eden is worthy to interact directly with access to all knowledge of good and evil, or who needs to stand back and only view of its splendour.

Genesis 3:24

A Cherubim with a sword of fire was placed at the entrance of the garden. The sword flashed around keeping everyone away from the Tree of Life.

The "sword" sounds like the description of the pillar of light emanating from the "Tree" itself, its brightness stretching out into space.

Visualise two people standing next to the Tree of Life with the 'serpent' coiled around it in a special garden where advanced entities (angels) are present. It is a garden from which an intensive light permanently emanates.

What if Adam and Eve are more easily explained as an explanation of human witnesses, who were brought into the special garden to learn about the place of The Creation?

Could they have been chosen by the Cherubim to witness the story of The Creation?

The scenario seems so much more plausible than the traditional interpretation that people were created in the Cosmos physically and then placed as two fully grown adult human beings on Earth by bird-winged creatures through the vacuum of space.

Adam and Eve

The biblical epic of Genesis chapters one and two, have some original Hebrew clues as to how the scenario could be interpreted in a more plausible way. According to my research:

The Hebrew spoken word for the 'human being' appears to have been "Adam"

The Hebrew spoken word "to give life" appears to have been "Eve".

The Hebrew spoken word "to give birth" appears to have been "Cain"

The word "Eloheim" through the ages and up until today is believed to be the Hebrew word for God. However this crucial word needs more research and with the greatest of respect one must consider the possibility that it could fit more perfectly as an explanation for Angels/cosmic visitors. If this turns out to be true, it makes a very big difference to everything written in The Old Testament. There are also some other very crucial interpretations that explain more about the place of Creation and first humans to visit Eden. When split up into two syllables, "Eloheim" potentially acquires a very different meaning:

"Elo" - People

"Heim" - The Heavens

The Hebrew spoken word to "bring forth" is the same word used to describe "to create".

I believe there is a clearer interpretation of the Genesis text. Considering the value of the earliest spoken words of Hebrew, I will also take into account the peculiar usage of the plural "their" in the original scroll in context with The Creator:

Those who came from the heavens
'brought forth' human beings
in their likeness and in their image
as life to give birth on Earth

An Arrival

There is a scenario that can explain the missing link in evolution from ape to human being and the recent 'arrival' of human beings in this world.

In my book, 'The Hidden Records' - by virtue of various ancient star maps I have identified around the globe - I identify the star system our human ancestors ostensibly came from. Some of these star maps even show a second Sun-like star, while others show a third nearby Sun-like star, forming what the ancients referred to as the trinity of the heavens. I was able to decipher these valuable star patterns from pyramid layout plans and ancient artefacts of various civilisations around the world. In many instances the 'x' that marks the spot is represented by their ultimate monument. In all ancient civilisations., one star in the area of the Pleiades seems to stand out far more importantly than the others What it marks is the place of their 'god-like' visitors, our ancestors

The 'Angels' probably told the human witnesses i.e. 'humans' - 'the secrets of life' - (See 'Adam' and 'Eve' text) and to stay on a fixed path and not to go near The Tree of Life to 'eat of its fruit' and access all knowledge. The people fortunate to learn of the Tree of Life in this instance were not gentle of heart like a lamb.

It seems no coincidence in the image below that the serpent is coiled around The Tree of Life and all knowledge. This imagery emerges time and time again in many early paintings. The serpent cannot possibly be synonymous with anything destructive in such a protected place since it is a part of The Creation!


The Book of Revelation - Cosmic Tree of Life

As if in testimony to Genesis (the first chapter of the Bible), the last chapter, The Book of Revelation also reiterates the existence of The Tree of Life. The significance of this imagery in both the beginning and end of the Bible can certainly not be overlooked. Both are sourced from St John, while he was in prophetic trance in a geologically sacred place... a cave.

Revelation 2: 7:

All who live good lives earn: "The right to consume the fruit of the Tree of Life. This tree is in the 'garden' of The Creator."

This infallibly ties in with the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden as postulated in Genesis. Without doubt the allusion that is being made is the 'continuation' of souls to The Tree of Life, or alternatively visits to The Tree of Life.

Revelation 20: 13:

"Hades" is mentioned as a terrible place possibly near to The Creation.

It turns out that the sister star cluster to the Pleiades in the Taurus constellation is the Hades cluster. (The Pleiades and Orion stars are recognised in Biblical texts too). Be it coincidence or not, one is nevertheless forced to ask the question whether there exists in that star cluster system a world, possibly one of far inferior quality to the world we know, where destructive souls are directed.

Revelation 21:

Revelation 21 goes to great lengths in giving extensive detail, not given anywhere previously, of the city, which at its centre has what I refer to as the "throne of The One".

The Book of Revelation refers to the city as "The New Jerusalem". Why it would have been given this name is that Jerusalem is in all likelihood the only great city St John would have been able to compare it with his limited frame of reference. The analogy is perfect when teaching the people of Jerusalem a 'second' great city like it, but in the heavens.

These are some of the images conjured up in St John's description thereof (commentaries by me appear in brackets):

"The angel carried me in spirit to a high mountain".

"He showed me a holy city...."

"It shone with the glory of God".

Twelve gates with "gatekeeper" angels.

High walls, three gates on each visible side.

Twelve foundation stones. (Translucent walls making foundations visible).

Jewel-like appearance of the foundations perhaps identifying the crystal-like material.

City is built in a square formation.

Length, width and height 12 000 stadia. (As large as a city)

City of gold, pure as glass (line 21) (This is reminiscent of the gold-tinted glass of modern buildings).

Each gate made of a pearl-like substance.

No temple required to link to The Creator - The Creator is present here.

No sun necessary, the Creator is the provider of light.

The kings of Earth have been brought here to glorify The Creator (Is this not what happened to Egyptian, Sumerian and Mayan civilisations, with their kings being taken there as witnesses?)

Only those in the Lamb's book of life may enter (only those of gentle constructive traits may 'taste' its fruits).

Revelation 22: 1-6:

"The angel showed me the river of the water of life, it shone like crystal. It flows from the 'throne' of The Creator".

This river flows from The Creation in the Garden of The Creator.

"It flows down the middle of the street of the city."

Revelation 22:

(22: 12) "Each person will be rewarded for what they have done".

(Judgement is spoken about at the end of a person's life, a code of life, not just for what they believe in. It is therefore their code of living that is all-important).

...they will have the right to the Tree of Life. They can enter the city.

...evil souls are not allowed in, they will be judged then sent away.

All the works of St. John are of paramount importance.

A special page is in progress that highlights and refers with colour coded text to all of St John's prophecies.

The Vatican - Tree of Life

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity of walking around the Vatican, no doubt will agree that what cannot escape being noticed is the abundance of mystical symbolic themes.

Gracing the Vatican Museum floor (see image below) is a finely polished stone representing one very outspoken Pope's coat of arms. He seems to be the only Pope who attached great importance to the Tree of Life, more so than any other Pope before him. The motif on the floor was apparently commissioned by Pope Leo XIII in the late 19th century.

Could he have been inspired by the ancient manuscripts supposedly hidden in the famous secret Vatican archives?

The floor shows some very consistent detail of The Tree of life.

There is a celestial orb separated by a band that I am inclined to interpret as representing its two halves, two halves of the Biosphere.

For me the 'Yule' tree at its centre is representative of The Tree of Life. I have recently provided substantiating new evidence of what the beam of light emanating from the Bethlehem star represents. The fir tree was celebrated as the Yule tree by virtue of its shape. Even more intriguing is that the Yule tree and star are convincingly linked to the origins of humanity ref .

Pope Leo XIII seems to have incorporated the Star of David (six pointed star) just like the Bethlehem star (five pointed star seen with the Solomon Key parchment) with a beam of light coming down from it. The meaning of the beam of light is solved once comparing The Solomon Key to an Egyptian tomb and tradition of the Yule Tree with its star... all of which date back long before the time of The Christ. The star secret and Tree of Life secret are deliberately presented together in this mosaic suggesting this particular Pope knew answers to two of the the greatest secrets of humanity. It was his way of celebrating that he knew 'who we are and where we come from', both physically and spiritually.

Encrypted in the mosaic is even more sacred knowledge. Two Fleur de Lis are present, suggesting one radiating out from each half of the Biosphere as seen in my own image. See the Fleur de Lis that follows as the French reference for the Tree of life.

Also note the birds' wings above the tree. It seems to be a dual representation here of the Angels that came down the beam of light Yule tree, as well as the Phoenix above The Tree of Life.

There are also two undecipherable faces of a child above the bird and a man below the base of the Tree of Life, out of view here but perhaps something to do with Pope Leo XIII himself.

It would have been a very risky and controversial statement at this time, perhaps something along the lines of the controversy of the film 'Zeitgeist'.

To digress a little here, one of the things the 'Zeitgeist' documentary suggests is that Emperor Constantine altered and omitted valuable old texts on Christianity to fit existing Roman and Greek beliefs.

Please note: The producers of this film were so convinced of their research that they suggest the possibility that The Christ was not directly linked to The Creation.

Click here to see the video.

I would like to suggest that although The Christ was a lot more human than most believe and like all Hebrew men of his age, most likely also had a beautiful bride... BUT more importantly:

The Creation without doubt 'spoke' through him.

This is a crucial interpretation that will make more sense in time. If anything when he spoke during his great teachings, as a medium so to speak, this important man's status is still preserved at a level virtually as God incarnate here.

What did our ancestors do to him?

They murdered him.

Pope Leo XIII was especially known for his conspiracy theories. One of the claims that he made was published in an article referred to as: “The Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII - The Humanum Genus.” It can be seen online on the Vatican's official website. Could it have been his belief that the world was at risk of being controlled by the Masonic Federation?

I believe that it would have been for this reason and this reason only why The Christ would have asked Judas to report his location to the Romans to fulfil destiny. The Christ probably accepted his fate before his life quest began on Earth as it was told to him no doubt by The Creation before his birth. Even though he would succeed in his will to help billions in the future he would have to die for it for his teachings to be remembered.

More recently new records from the Judas Codex have become available to confirm this line of reasoning.

The Sacred Cross of the Sky

The Christ often said "Believe in me and you will be saved".

Any person thinking that it means simply believing in 'his name' to be saved is grossly mistaken.

The Christ was a teacher and when a teacher expresses "through me you will be saved" it obviously refers to belief in his teachings and not simply belief in his name.

Around 300 years after the crucifixion of The Christ, Roman Emperor Constantine was the one who introduced Christianity as it stands to this day. Constantine claimed to have had an encounter that would be classed as a paranormal event today. It occurred before an important battle. He was visited by brightly dressed beings that came down from the heavens. The important message to him and his imposing army involved the witnessing of a sacred cross formation seen in the sky. He was told about its significance and that if he celebrated its importance, he would be triumphant. He subsequently decreed that his army's shields be decorated with the cross insignia that is referred to as the Labarum or Chi-Rho.

He was triumphant, and on returning to Rome probably realised that the 'message' he received was relevant to something hidden within the 'original' gospels of Christianity. The sacred cross secret must have coincided in some way. Why else would he begin to use this sacred Chi-Rho cross of the sky (seen below) as the title representative of The Christ?

It was also Constantine who would decide that only four out of the entire collection of gospels would be accepted into his version of Christianity. No doubt they were those texts that he believed would be the most palatable to a predominantly Mythras and Zeus worshiping society.

I am certain that that long after Constantine had passed, the Roman authorities at the time wanted to keep The Christ's profound teaching of the sacred cross of the heavens to themselves.


They sent out a very strong message to his followers to keep away from the sacred cross secret.

They nailed him to a wooden cross.

St Peter suffered the same fate much later for a similar 'crime', except that they went one step further.

They nailed him to a wooden cross... upside down.

The Roman elite insisted he was terribly evil and let it be a lesson to all who try and study the forbidden records of the sacred cross of the heavens.

Could it be that from this day forward, the upside-down representation of the sacred geometry of the human form with arms outstretched became synonymous with the pentacle symbol? Some destructive members of society still use these symbols today, but I had found they trace back to very ancient forgotten knowledge.

See grand design

Hence it is easy to reason that even if The Christ was human and the Creation spoke through him as a medium or a messenger, it is still the 'word of God' from The Christ's mouth, exactly as he admitted it was. More significantly, this acknowledgment need in no way affect the elevated status he holds among his followers.

The time has arrived for the revival of the sacred 'Christos' secret, the 'crisscross' of the heavens as it were, that 'shows the way' to 'the star of Bethlehem'. The place where he came from, and as Judas was told in his last hours:

This star is also our star to follow! See - Judas Codex secret

The book of Enoch - Tree of Life

The Book of Enoch was mysteriously removed from the ancient collection of holy books. It must once have been deemed to be as important as the texts of the Bible as we know it today. Quite uncannily, in II Enoch: The Ethiopic Book of Enoch (the second text version) gives an account of Enoch's journey to the Heavens and to the wondrous Tree of Life.

We pick up his journey to the Heavens at the point where he passes an 'angel' guarding the entrance to Paradise and he enters the "Garden of Righteousness".

What he describes is an impressive garden of trees where he comes across something most wonderful: The Tree of Knowledge. The texts attempt to describe it as a tree that grows higher than a fir, with leaves like those of the carob tree, replete with fruit like that of the vine. More importantly, Enoch is told that this is the tree 'Adam and Eve' had 'eaten' from, resulting in their being ostracised from the Garden of Eden.

Another line describes The Tree of Life in another context. Enoch arrives at a "mountain range of fire, which burnt day and night". Further along he reaches a place encircled by six mountains separated by "deep, rough ravines". A seventh mountain rises in their midst, "resembling the seat of a throne; and fragrant trees encircled the throne. And amongst them was a tree such as I had never smelt and its fruit resembles the date of a palm".

An 'angel' tells Enoch that the mountain in the midst of the others is the THRONE "on which the Holy Great One, the Lord of Glory, the Eternal King will sit...".

This is a breakthrough in understanding the interpretation of the mountain as a throne!

Here is the proof I was

looking for in my own experience!

The 'THRONE' interpretation of the mountain.

Scroll back up to my image of the mountain with a pillar of light radiating out on top of it to reason the analogy.

Regarding the tree bearing the date-like fruit, he ventures to explain:

"As for this fragrant tree - no mortal touches it till the Great Judgement. Its fruit shall be the food for the elect. Its fragrance shall be in their bones and they shall live a long life on Earth."

More here

Virtually all cultures carry a record of the Tree of Life

Watch this space for a link to further evidence of The Tree of Life.

In summary... Oneism definitions...

It is a gentle humble respectful spirituality that focuses more on spreading important truth, love and constructive good living

Where worship is replaced with love, gratitude and respect for the Creation and all life

Justifying greater human values and rights issues

That all human life is sacred and connected directly to God

That God is The Cosmic Tree at the centre of the Universe

That the temple for the soul is the body

That we are facing a crisis with a corrupt world system that is creating unacceptable human suffering

And if humanity does not at least try to make the urgent changes in its ways as outlined on this website ...

... the human race will not be able to save itself ...

... from a devastating cataclysmic event seen in prophecy!

Even those bound by traditional religious convictions may find something here that addresses their core, and that will add clarity to what they already believe in.

It is not a 'cult', has no demands, no recruitment drives,
no destructive ideals

The cataclismic event detail and time explored on the prophecy webpage. The traits of humility and empathy, and the importance of humanity's happiness on a global scale will be seen to be very significant in Oneism, as are preserving our planet, nature and the sacrosanctity of life.

Oneism reveals the secrets of the soul that I believe have been removed from our sacred texts.

Oneism is founded on a primarily scientific based global study of both ancient and modern paranormal events. It focuses on accounts of out-of-body experiences, spiritual records throughout history and beings and flying craft that do not appear to be of this world.

If most of our greatest religions and forgotten manuscripts refer to a Cosmic Tree of all 'Knowledge' and 'Life', one can clearly reason with logic and reasoning that only The Creator of the universe can fit such a profound description of both infinite knowledge and that with which 'life' is associated.

What omnipotent thought can create time and space and a whole universe from a vacuum in an instant (the 'big bang') and all life that followed this grand genesis?

The eternal light of the universe... the Cosmic Tree of all knowledge and of all life... is what feasibly should constitute 'The Creator'.

This being said, The Creator (The Creation) in all likelihood is a light at the centre of the universe, and certainly not a physical body of a man in human form.

Now that you have read the historical proof of The Cosmic Tree of Life, you have read only one quarter of the full story. Go to the menu at the top of the page and select Prophecy... Eden Principle... secrets of the soul and more as well as unlocking the secret of advanced connectivity to The Creation in a special ancient meditation technique... it is all free information...

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