The secret of Human origins - from the heavens

Oneism introduces measurable evidence that humanity arrived on Earth from above as all holy books claim. Oneism agrees with science that evolution is real.

The so called six days of Creation in the Hebrew Genesis account can’t possibly be days, but merely periods of time. They are in evolutional sequence and it does recognise the great Lizards (Dinosaurs) were replaced by birds with its subsequent period.

One has to wonder if this alteration occurred at the time the Cherubim (see later) built the biosphere around The Creation?

To recap here as it is important: Evolution is literally the ‘hand of Creation’ over a long time period where all life forms fit an intelligent design, where all life conforms to a set out Creation blueprint code.

The blueprint code of all life seems interfered with here on Earth as the change in evolution from Ape to Man appears to ‘quantum leap’. A replacement event seems more plausible here, from a visitation… an arrival of our direct ancestors more than anything else and not the direct hand of God.

A new concept will be explored that explains the missing link between ape and human.

A few anomalies on humanity that do not fit the pattern of all life on this Earth:

It is as if we originated in a world that had a perfect gravity that would be a lot less than the Earth. For example if we lived in gravity close to half of what it is today our human ability and efficiency would equal any ape or hominid. Another anomaly is that out skin is not compatible with the harsh strength of our Sun. It is as if we lived in a world that had ‘perfect’ solar radiation… close to where Mars orbits the Sun! Oh yes… by the way… Mars might have had approximately half the gravity of Earth before it was destroyed with an impact event causing a 2000 km wide impact crater (the largest known impact event in our solar system) where the planet lost its oceans. See Mars secrets

New evidence presented by me as the author of The Hidden Records how humanity is descendant of those that evolved in another star system. Our ancestors appear to have arrived here replacing the last Earth Hominid… the Neanderthal, around the time of a cataclysmic flood event.

The probability calculation here seems lower than it should be merely because scholars have not yet agreed to make any official comment if the star maps interpretations are probable.


What went wrong with sacred teachings in the past?

It appears since time immemorial that our ancestors across the world have been visited by constructive celestial beings of great knowledge. They appear to have tried to guide us with their knowledge about life and The Creation that would improve our ways. They seem to have on many occasions over millennia, selected randomly, people of all races and lands, and taken them as a ‘witness’ to the place of Creation as a learning experience and have revealed answers to some critically important ‘ultimate truths’ that can enlighten and free humanity:

These are two ultimate truths that I believe I was given answers to:

Who are we and where do we come from?

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Who are we and where do we come from... physically ?

solar system

Our physical origins:

The Hidden Records

"Our death is not an end
if we can live on in our children
and the younger generation.
For they are us;

Our bodies are only wilted leaves
on The Tree of Life"

Albert Einstein

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