'Oneism' Author – Wayne Herschel - Witness of 'The One'

The founder of Oneism, who started this website, is the author of the book ‘The Hidden Records’.

‘The Hidden Records’ identifies a star pattern that repeats itself in the records and artefacts found in virtually every ancient pyramid civilisation. The star pattern in every single case identifies one particular star as the proverbial 'x' that marks the spot. The ancients speak of their star associating with their ‘human-like’ star visitors. I discovered that there is only one star in this position in the night sky, and it only fits correctly 17000 years ago. In my book I subsequently identified two more Sun-like star targets matching two less important correlating monuments, but decided it was worth focusing on just the two most important stars apparently relating to the visitors that came from the sky. I concluded as follows: Since the stars are 'Sun-like' and nearby, and these so called 'gods' of the ancients were human, then we are most likely looking at our real ancestors... "we" came from the heavens! Since publishing the book I have now realised the importance of the third Sun-like star since researching another previously unknown highly controversial star map.

I was visited by a Freemason at one of my talks recently who whispered in my ear that the UK Bradford University had just released one of their most important documents… another star map. It was the founding document of the brotherhood of the Freemasons! It too appears to be a clear match incorporating all three sun-like stars.

Click here for the document

It set me off in a new direction which unlocked the ultimate proof I was looking for - The Key of Solomon parchment ref which encrypted the star secret on what appears to be a talisman. The latest developments match the star secret with the layout plan of The Vatican city as well as the Washington monuments. We have a pattern that now identifies importance of three nearby solar systems of the sky visitors for all the unique monuments… as seen on MARS !

Obviously it is of relevance to the reader to obtain an insight into the unique source of material that has led to the publishing of my book, and more recently the establishment of this website.

An analysis of my ‘Experience’ as seen on the home page

I believe I have found what I have found not by chance or by hard research. I believe I have had a paranormal experience but still to this day is uncertain of the exact detail of how it happened. Here is where the readers can decide for themselves what happened if anything happened at all. Was I a witness of the ultimate paranormal experience, or can the material I have presented be ascribed to just good research and by chance has set off a chain of linked discoveries in two separate directions?

Discoveries of both who we are

and where we come from physically

and who we are and where we come from spiritually.

Two entirely different journeys

but both fully referenced and reasoned like never before.

How is it possible for just one person, who is not a scholar to offer two completely and uniquely referenced 'new' cases for two of the greatest questions about life? This strange coincidence alone should speak volumes. For a link to my website where I propose new evidence for the human origins debate see the bottom of this page. I have reason to believe that humankind ostensibly comes from a Sun-like star close to the well known Pleiades star cluster, labelled as M45 in astronomy.

I believe that I was a witness to a paranormal event and that I was one of a group of randomly picked by chance ‘lucky’ people that have had the fortune to be taken to The Place of Creation - The Tree of Life - in their lifetime as a teaching exercise. I believe I have accepted the responsibility to The Creation to secure, nurture and bring forward the truth of what I believe I was ‘shown’.

Firstly I insist that what I am doing, is merely stepping up to the plate with the responsibility of getting it known. Imagine if you the reader had an experience where you were pretty much shown how the universe works and what we humans are doing wrong. Wouldn't you feel an obsession to share it with others who seek it? It is as simple as this to me... nothing more than this.

The way in which I have acquired the measurable material will be explored with probability factors and references here. Further valuable references will be added to this site later.

I am not 100% certain of the exact details as to how I was able to ‘see’ and reason so much of the material I came across in this very ‘paranormal’ way and that is why the way it could have happened needs to be listed with probability figures.

I recall the ‘strange’ memories that were not accessible after the events, but only after many years had passed.

What I also find strange is that in my research I have consistently been able to find convincing material to back up the ‘paranormally’ acquired insights.

The source of this new material may have been by one or more of the following possibilities below. A percentage probability factor is expressed at the end of each, to define to what extent I feel the experience seems probable.

I also tend to believe that my extraordinary experiences have been intentionally obscured from my direct memory, perhaps to guarantee the timing of its release. I am certain if it is not this there must be another reason for this. I feel it will all make more sense in the very near future.

I am certain that many witnesses have been taken to The Tree of Life since the beginning of humanity here on Earth. It seems to be an important part of the beginnings of all of our religions. I believe I may have been one of a group of witnesses from many different countries taken there a decade or so ago. The strange phenomenon of obscured memory is the way other apparent witnesses of this enlightening experience describe it as well.

Obviously this begs the question who all these other witnesses referred to here are, and where can evidence of their testimonies be found.

Without doubt, it is almost a given that those who tried to air their views, even as recently as a few hundred years ago, would in all likelihood have been put to death for heresy. In more recent times, witnesses who have come forward claiming similar experiences to that of my own have been dismissed as New Age ‘weirdo’s’ by the academic world. Some even got as far as publishing their testimony, but just as the controversy my book has sparked, theirs too may have been blocked from getting exposure.

I want to impress upon all readers

and make it absolutely clear that I

am absolutely NOT The Creation ‘incarnate’

or any religious 'figurehead' of any sort

just a 'witness' with an overwhelming sense of responsibility

to spread word that all get to see what I have seen

so we can save ourselves before it is too late.

Below is the probability estimation, taking into consideration records of similar accounts of many 'others' over the ages of what I believe are possible scenarios that could explain the source of my material. Each probability here, listed as a percentage in comparison to each other:

I have experienced intuitive imagery

and deep reasoning that inspired my research, because I was:

• A physical witness- being physically taken to The Tree of Life by advanced beings.


• A witness in spirit - finding The Tree of Life in either my near death experience or an induced out of body event by the entities I refer to as Cherubim.


• A witness through an experience called enlightenment - whereby the mind has reached a level through years of advanced meditation that it can ‘connect’ to The Tree of Life and access levels of knowledge through such meditation.


My 3 greatest life experiences

In my life, I Wayne Herschel had three defining life experiences before becoming an author presenting controversial new discoveries in archaeology. With great difficulty I managed to get published and secure my findings. I later discovered the difficulty was probably no coincidence when a secret society member warned me that what I had published was also ‘their’ secret star pattern that was considered the basis of their fraternity secret – the secret of the first degree.

My three defining life experiences:

One was an OBE ‘out of body experience’ in a near death scenario where I lost my pulse and had to be resuscitated. It occurred in a motorcycle accident over 20 years ago where I felt my consciousness clearly existing outside of my body.

The second was the witnessing of a documented sighting that was so clear that thousands saw it and it made headlines in the newspapers the next day. It was the sighting of unidentified flying objects that were claimed to be ‘not of this world’. The newspaper said the same sighting of this formation of a "V" pattern of UFOs was seen in Brazil South America exactly 20 minutes after the local sighting! It obviously suggests that this 'fleet' of UFOs can exceed speeds closer to five times the speed of sound!

But this experience opened a new door so to speak. After this event, my father explained the details of my own strange life experiences that turned out to match research with contactees of Cherubim entities (see Angel references below). My father suggested that I was also one who had my identical experiences as well as missing time, and carrying ‘the mark’ - a strange 5mm round ‘scoop mark’ on my leg as a teenager. More on this later.

The third was after I experimented with ancient secrets of how to experience deep meditation like the ancient mystics and pyramid builders that I was able to reason all the detail of The Tree of Life experience in the form of a vision. In subsequent future meditations I was guided to the knowledge I needed to share with others, as if being a conduit of spiritual knowledge with the attached responsibility of sharing it. The need to share this special knowledge is a great motivator and here started my quest.

Solitary meditation and special diet at a sacred place

I was dedicated to intense soul searching research at my home surrounded by nature, on the side of a hill next to a river (see the link - Secrets of Meditation) having already covered years of research.

For a period of timeIbegan a special vegetarian diet and drank only mountain spring water while living in seclusion. This was when my ‘ultimate’ life experience put me on this quest to launch this website here.

It first started with vivid and in some cases terrifying emotional visions… then there was more. I was inspired by a strange unexplainable craving to learn ancient meditation techniques in a sacred place on the side of a hill near a flowing river. That was when I became aware thatIhad some sort of paranormal link to answers to the two ultimate questions of life. I‘saw’ the answers to ‘who we are and where we come from’… both spiritually and physically. See the two links at the bottom of the page.

The only way I can reason how visions work is by some kind of retinal light feedback sourced from ‘outside’. Consider how the retina processes light and colour. Is it possible there is a way that spiritual plasma ribbons can feed the image to the retina while the eyes are closed? There is no other way one can reason this ‘miracle’.

Here is where the ultimate spiritual journey begins on The Tree of Life:

A Journey to The Tree of Life…

The Sacred Seven – The empowerment of Women

I have had to devise ways to protect the material of who we are and where we come from in its beginnings before I believe I will later place it in the hands of seven responsible people - four women and three men of very constructive traits (ref: Good and evil link) that I will nominate as its guardians when the time is right.

It will continue through the future in the hands of these chosen seven, also continuing with the gender balance of 4 and 3 since I believe women are by nature slightly more peaceful and gentle and less warlike, therefore in view of this, hold greater potential than men in peaceful leadership.

In the far future it will be most secure if new members are replaced by voting majority acceptance of a new member by all existing members at the time.


Who are we and where do we come from... physically ?

solar system

Our physical origins:

The Hidden Records

"Our death is not an end
if we can live on in our children
and the younger generation.
For they are us;

Our bodies are only wilted leaves
on The Tree of Life"

Albert Einstein

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